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We offer Employment opportunities in:

    • Loading, Unloading, Receiving, Shipping & Inventory handling
    • Forklift driver, Stock, Order Picking, Hand Bombing & Pump Truck (Manual/ Power)
    • Assembly Line, Packing, Material Handling, Conveyor Line & Paint Line
    • Quality Assurance, Machine Operator, Transportation & Mover
  3. OTHER
    • Welding (MIG/ TIG/ ARC/ STICK)
    • Cleaner, Painter, Food Preparation, Truck Helper & Mover
    • Landscaping, Roofer, Road Work (e.g. Flaggers) & Construction Labour

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First Source Staffing: Who We Are

No company wants spend their valuable time and money on advertising or random interviews just to come away with nothing.

Trust the job of finding the right candidate for your business to a dedicated team of recruiting professionals. If your business is located in the GTA, call First Source Staffing, Inc., a locally owned staffing agency.


  1. You won’t waste your time on underqualified applicants. It’s our job to match you with eligible employees, so you won’t have to interview another ineligible candidate.
  2. It’s cheaper than forming a recruitment team. Not all companies have the ability to hire a recruitment team. Instead, trust the job to our locally owned staffing agency.
  3. We can find candidates you can’t reach. Not every qualified job candidate takes the time to comb through want ads. We have a network of talented job seekers who are ready to work.
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First Source Staffing works with reputable companies to find stable, profitable job openings that fit your qualifications. We won’t ever put you in a role that’s not a good fit for you.

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Our staffing agency is always on the lookout for talented, dedicated associates who are a good fit for the companies we work with. If you’re searching for a career, reach out to us today. Our experienced recruitment specialists can match you with a role you’ll succeed!


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